Power Outages Tips

How To Report a Power Outage.

Call Northern Wasco County PUD 296-2226 to report the location and circumstances of an outage. During large outages the line may be busy due to the large volume of callers. Please continue to call until you get through

Tips for When the Power Goes Out.

When the power goes out make sure to keep a battery-powered radio handy. Northern Wasco County PUD does their best to keep you informed of power outage updates by broadcasting the information on our local radio stations

If the outage lasts more than 45 minutes, turn off heating and cooling appliances until after power has been restored for some time. This will help avoid overload from excessive demand typically experienced in the first few minutes after power has been restored. In the cold months close drapes, doors and windows to save heat; isolate a warm room or fireplace-heated room in the house. Keep refrigerators and freezers closed to retain cooling. Most modern refrigerators will maintain adequate cooling for over six hours if doors are not opened. Keep flashlights with fresh batteries in a convenient place. Don't use candles, since they can cause a fire! Keep all emergency phone numbers accessible by the phone.