Surge Protection Tips

Surge Protection

It is the customer's responsibility to purchase surge suppressors of adequate size to protect your sensitive electronic equipment.

Chances are the electronic appliances and equipment in your home would be expensive if you had to replace them if they were damaged. Did you know that if an appliance, a computer or other household equipment is damaged due to a power fluctuation that was part of a normal electrical operation it is not the responsibility of the NWCPUD?

The best protection you can purchase is a quality surge suppressor that will protect your equipment. You should buy a surge suppressor that is made and rated to be able to protect the equipment that will be plugged into it. The cheapest are usually made for small appliances. A step up would be for audio and video equipment, and the more expensive surge suppressors are for computers and printers. In general, you get what you pay for so spend what you need to protect your expensive electronic equipment.

A quality surge suppressor for a computer, printer, etc. will have fuse protection, a LED light indicator, a higher joule rating (amount of energy it can absorb), a fast clamping time in the nano-seconds and a plug in for phone line or cable connection protection. Also compare warranties for length of time and money back guarantees on equipment that is plugged into the surge suppressor and is damaged by a surge in voltage. Always buy electronic equipment that has been UL #1449 certified as safe.