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Commercial and Industrial Customers Energy Audit

The PUD offers it’s Commercial and Industrial customers a free energy audit of their lights and electrical equipment. The focus is to make suggestions on changes of equipment or controls that will make their business more efficient in their use of electricity.


There is an application to be filled out and signed to get an audit. We will make an appointment to come to your business and do a walk through assessment of the lighting equipment, motors, cooling and heating that uses electricity, compressed air systems, pumps etc. Some systems, like lighting we can tell you if you change from old fluorescent lighting to new T8 lights that you will save so much power a year and we can pay a rebate per fixture if you do. Most other changes are more complicated and we would need to get some readings of power usage and information about processes and usage patterns and then get that to BPA engineers for their assessment of the systems in question and what changes might be best for saving electricity and best for operation of the process.


You need to have an energy audit done before you start on an efficiency project, even before you order any equipment. BPA requires that we complete a proposal before any equipment is ordered or contracts signed as they will not pay rebates on changes that are already under way or paid for as that would be a free rider.


The rebates we can pay are based on how much electricity can be documented as saved by improvements recommended in our audit and BPA engineers. Then we would inspect your improvements and meter the new equipments energy usage. Based on a one year savings BPA will approve a rebate that the PUD will pass on to the customer. That rebate cannot exceed 70% of the cost of the project.


Call Lance or Travis at 296-2226 for more information and an application for a Commercial Energy Audit.


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