Payment Programs

The District has established a Budget Payment Plan that spreads the cost of electric service evenly throughout the year. Under this plan, the customer, although receiving a regular monthly bill, pays the calculated budget payment amount. It is important to remember that the calculated amount is only an estimate and for this reason your bill will always show your actual usage and charges along with the budget payment amount.
            This option is a twelve month plan and begins in May of each year. To qualify you must live at a location for the prior twelve months and have a zero balance on your account prior to your May billing. You may notify the District in March or April if you would like to be included and then before your May billing you will receive a notification letter advising you of the calculated budget amount for the coming year.
            April is considered the “budget catch up month”. All customers on the plan are taken off the Budget Payment Plan and are required to pay their balances in full. If a customer has a credit balance the credit will automatically be used to offset the budget amount for the next year. For more information on the Budget Payment Plan , use the navigation to the left.
            With E-Z Pay your electric bill paying gets easier! 
            Each month your bill will be automatically deducted from a checking or savings account of your choice. For your records, you will receive a copy of your electric bill showing your usage and the amount to be deducted. 
            E-Z Pay is not only easy but you save time and worry, not to mention the cost of a stamp. Plus it is peace of mind if you’re traveling, ill or just forget. You can always count on your bill being paid on time, without hassles. For more information on the E-Z Pay Program, use the navigation to the left.