The Dalles Fishway Plant

Northern Wasco County PUD’s North Shore Hydroelectric project at The Dalles Dam produced its first commercial power on May 28th 1991. The five Megawatt generator uses attraction water from The Dalles dam’s north fishladder for power production. Water entering the system from the dams’ forebay is screened to prevent juvenile salmon or other small fish from entering the unit’s turbine.


The Dalles HydroElectric Project


The powerhouse has produced 40,000,000 kWh of electrical energy per year since 1991, which is enough to heat and light about 4,000 average homes per year. Currently the power produced by The Dalles fishway plant is being sold to Portland General Electric contract and the revenues are used to offset the District’s retail rates.

McNary Fishway Plant

McNary North shore hydroelectric project was completed and started production on October 17th 1997. The unit is located on the north fishladder at McNary dam and uses the fishladder’s attraction water in the same way The Dalles project does.


The Dalles  HydroElectric Project


The intake structure at McNary is located at the bottom of the dam and draws water from about 80 ft below the surface of the forebay. The generator at McNary produces ten Mwh’s of power, which is split equally with our partner Klickitat County PUD. NWCPUD’s portion of the power produced at McNary is transmitted to The Dalles and is used as base load power at the utility.


The average yearly production at McNary is about 76,000,000 kWh. NWCPUD’s portion produced by McNary will serve about 3,800 homes per year.