Economic Development Policy

"For the purpose of promoting economic growth and the expansion or addition of business within the service territory of the PUD (ORS 261.309)," Northern Wasco County PUD has authorized $50,000 to fund economic development grants in the year 2017.

Eligible Projects

To be eligible for consideration, each grant request must:

  • Be for infrastructure or property within the PUD service territory with an expected life of
    at least 5 years. Grants for infrastructure must be submitted by property owner. No
    grants will be awarded for contracted services, such as engineering services,
    consultant studies, etc., or for consumables. Grants must be for bricks and mortar type
    of projects.

  • Be for no more than $20,000 (40% of the total grant funds available in 2017).

  • Not be for a project that has received PUD economic development grant funding twice
    in a 5-year period.

  • Not be for the purpose of funding private, for-profit ventures.

State and federal laws prohibit PUD (public) funds being awarded to religious affiliated entities.

For more information about the grant program and instructions for applying follow the links below:

2017 Economic Development Grant Press Release

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2017 Economic Development Grant  Application

For More Information

For more information, please contact Kathy McBride, Executive Assistant at (541)298-3302.