Help your friendly Meter Reader

Weather isn’t the only occupational hazard for PUD meter readers. Between territorial animals and inaccessible meters, reading meters can be a lot harder than it needs to be.

For pets that aren’t friendly, PUD meter readers carry dog biscuits, keep notes on pet names and do their best not to startle or appear threatening to dogs. There are a few simple things pet owners can do, too:

  • Check your PUD bill to find the date your meter was read; we’ll generally read your meter at around the same time every month. If your dog can be testy, try to be at home during that period. 
  • If possible, introduce your pet to the meter reader. If your dog knows the meter reader isn’t the enemy, his attitude may improve. 
  • Don’t tie dogs to the meter base or put the doghouse right under the meter. The meter reader’s job is to get to the meter, but the dog may interpret that as a violation of his personal space. 
  • Pets aren’t the only problem. Hard to find or hard to read meters also make extra work. 
  • Keep shrubs pruned away from the meter and keep plants with thorns away from the area. 
  • Don’t block access to the meter by parking a boat, camper, motor home or other vehicle too close to it. 
  • Don’t stack firewood or other material in front of the meter. 
  • Don’t paint the glass portion of the meter. 
  • Never remove tags from or attempt to adjust any part of your electric meter.